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Mission & vision


It’s our honour to bring the most stylish and captivating atmosphere we can create to the events of our clients. We work on fashionable, high-quality and smart solutions for both private and corporate events, of any size and any budget. Through excellent quality, personal attention and loads of experience, we know how to add the right touch to set our client’s events apart from all the others. It’s our goal, and our pride, which is - in our turn - what sets us apart from our competitors.


Even in our current digital age, the need for personal interactions and desire for social gatherings to share a collective experience will always be a main drive for any human being. The surroundings in which those interactions play out, are an important factor for the impact of such an experience. The atmosphere that defines these moments is more and more expected to be creative and unique, and therefore unforgettable. Events are therefore a powerful tool for our clients to stand out, and will remain so in the future. That’s exactly where Van der Maarel can play a part and make a difference, as the main expert in the field of atmosphere creation. 

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