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NEW Stylingconcepts 

Our trends-team looks for the latest trends to make your event even more unique. We translate these trends into creative and innovative stylingconcepts. Be surprised and look at our newest concepts!


styling concepts that will inspire you

What kind of atmosphere is best for your event and audience? Be inspired by our lookbooks, or visit us for a cup of coffee and a creative discussion. We’d love to welcome you in our styling room, where you’re guaranteed to leave with new ideas. 


As event stylists in heart and soul, we always design wholly new styling concepts that will touch you and add the fitting atmosphere to your event. Allow us to take you through our creative process, and be surprised! You will also be guided through the financial track, to avoid any surprises in this respect. We are clear and transparent on both costs and atmosphere.


Choose among 4 styling concepts:


This concept offers the basic styling of your event, yet with a little extra. High-quality basic furniture, with subtle greenery and table decorations for an attractive price. Basic and simple, but still amazing


For a luxury decoration of your event, you can choose from a varied range of quality furniture. This concept comes with added personalized items, subtle accessories, fresh greenery and high-class table decoration. Not just simply great, but great in a special way.


For an exclusive event, where even the very last detail is designed as you desire! We’ll take out our top-range of luxury furniture, personalized items, exclusive accessories, special eyecatchers and lavish greenery and flower decorations. Top-quality guaranteed!


We create small or large-scale concepts that add the right atmosphere and style to your event. Made in close cooperation and consultation with you, our tailor-made concepts will add the style and ambiance that exactly fit your event and audience. Tell us what you have in mind, and we will turn your imagination into an event that will make a strong and lasting impression. You can expect our full assistance and attention to even the smallest detail, leading to a wonderful event. 


What’s the price of atmosphere? 

Easily do the math with our calculation tool and be ready for a sweet surprise!


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